Rusty Hardin

Saturday, June 29, 2013

The poor choice of dress Britney Spears

The super-tight dress that Britney Spears choose to "highlight your feminine curves" has not been very successful.
All the glamor has been neutralized at the time when the young blonde decided to appear on "The x Factor" in this dress so tight that at first glance looked like they were a size smaller.

Britney Spears jury came to Simon Cowell program a very short dress, black with flowery that although the design of the dress was not at all negligible, she did not looked good at all.

The top of the dress has the shape of a corset but for being squeezed too tight busts causing this defect can be seen even with a quick glance.

The skirt of the dress, even though it was too short, Britney looked not at all bad for their legs so pretty but also many experts who should have had a few inches of fabric.

At other times, pike POP princess dresses similar designs but always with skirts that reach their knees and square necklines but his size that made ​​her look much sexier than she already is.